Smart Control Center

The integrated Controller makes it possible for the operator to compare, browse and monitor sub systems using the transparent display. It is also possible for the operator to control the visualization elements on the Immersive seamless display. The Integrated controller makes the operator a part of the Integrated Operation center.

The Integrated Controller is an intuitive system managed by touch screen interface. The Controller enables the operator to manage the seamless display, visualize control components, and to operate the environment of the Integrated Operation Center.

New Experience in Management

  • Immersive Seamless display enables effective visualization
  • Integrated Controller


  • Environment that supports continuous technical evolution
  • The GZ-2 Framework is an open architecture system that ensures the easy integration of new technologies and solutions.

Low CapEx/OpEx

  • Improvement in Management Process
  • Provide a new Paradigm of Integrated Operation

Interaction with Seamless Display

The Integrated Controller is capable of controlling the lighting and sound systems of the Integrated Operation Center.
The Integrated Controller can be managed by multi-touch sensor activated interface. Complex gestures of single touch and/or multi touch is supported to manage and control the size and locations of the control components
The Integrated Controller could act as a communication device that enables the sharing of contents using mail or SMS.


Control Seamless Display
  • Manage individual sources to be displayed on the immersive seamless display
  • Drag & drop elements to be displayed on the large screen
  • Use templates to designate visualization status of the Seamless display
  • Magnify, move and compare operational components on the Seamless display to compare and manage operational data

Integrate Operation PC
  • Share and display individual screens of the operation PCs
  • Designate a PC to act as the Integrated Controller

Share data
  • Share documents & contents via mail or SMS

Operate Environment
  • Operate lights, sound and other environmental components


GZ-1 / GZ-2 (Integrated Management Solution)
  • Interactive media presentation tool
  • Ergonomic design presentation tool
  • Multi-touch based -UX design
  • Large display, lighting and audio supported
  • PPT, PDF, image, video, and music supported
  • Web file sharing