Our Partners

We have established extensive partnership with industry leaders in both the Construction and Information Technology fields.

Construction Industry

We have partnership with major developers, construction companies, construction material manufacturers and distributors in Mainland China and Hong Kong to ensure that the whole spectrum of construction services can be professionally served.

Information Technology

We have partnership with technology leaders in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea and the US to ensure that advanced technology across the globe can be localized and successfully applied. In particular, we have partners in the following technology sectors:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Safety and Evacuation
  • Smart Systems and Internet of Things
  • Data Analytics
  • Facial Recognition
  • Enterprise Management
  • Indoor Positioning
Smart Building

As our partnership involved both construction and information technology industry, we are able to embed the advance technology system in the pre-design phase of the construction cycle, our diverse capability in both IT and construction industry place us in an advantageous position and our smart buildings will be the pioneer in contributing towards the future smart city initiative and formation.

Green Building

Health and safety of occupants and neighbourhood are ultmost important. >From planning, design, to material selection, we provide a wide range of innovative, green and sustainable materials. We pay special attention in sustainability and environmental impact both during construction phases and lifetime usage.