Industry 4.0

By combining our knowledge in manufacturing with the latest technologies (Cloud Computing, IoT devices, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data etc.), we transform our clients to smart manufacturing at an affordable price.

We are helping manufacturing factories towards Industry 4.0 (also called the Fourth Industrial Revolution) and Made in China 2025, collecting large amount of real time and accurate data from machines, using the data for management, forecasting and optimization.

The key benefits of Industry 4.0
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Increase Revenues
  • Increase Market share
  • Increase of flexibility
  • Increase of individuality
Work flow of Manufacturing Management Platform (Industry 4.0)

Modules based solutions

Paperless management system
  • Simple and quick input (Bar code input)
  • Real time information sharing
  • Visualized analysis data
  • Products tracking
  • Maintenance history
Image Graphical info

Machine status kanban display
  • Production/CFO Computer
  • Calculate production costs and collect production data in real time

Mobile notification
  • Informs operator's mobile phone immediately to handle problems (eg the machine stops abnormally)
  • Increasingly automated and self-monitoring ability of factories
  • Reduces downtime

  • Multiple process scheduling - reduces the production period and granting companies much smoother processes that free up workers for other tasks
  • Dynamic scheduling - supports drag and drop for single-order changes
  • Seamless interface - connect the information of ERP system and excel
Image Drag to change orders

  • Transparent - provides analysis report and data for decision-making management
  • Increasing productivity - find out the reason of low efficiency in production by OEE data
  • Quality control - find out the reason of fault by the figures in incident manager
Image Dashboard for CNC machine
Image MES shutdown reasons and solution

Mobile app
  • Provide a console management with real-time production status and visual analysis results
  • Get the sales, purchase and financial information in anywhere and anytime
  • Easy to communicate with each other and their human co-workers