Next Generation Customer Experience Agent

We assist organizations achieve optimum design and performance for building intelligence and automation through value-engineering IT infrastructures. We optimize everything with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Smart Experience Agent minimizes waiting times at various service facilities including theme parks

Integrated solution for digital space system management and service operation


Advanced Recommendation Tool
  • Recommendation algorithm tool based on customer experience, scenario, time, space and traffic data
  • Identify the best weighted value to deliver personalized service through data correlation analysis and linear progression
Advanced Pooling Tool
  • Pooling algorithm tool designed to overcome limitation of the existing smart reservation system
  • Automated operation manual system based on real-time data analysis
Speed Gate S/W
  • Customizable S/W based on membership data
  • Customized to the target, objective and condition
  • Linked to the existing Speed Gate
  • Access control through various authentication media (e.g. RFID tag, barcode, beacon)
  • Personalized reservation using recommendation algorithm
  • Customizable reservation system based on location and status
  • Personalized service based on individual authentication medium
  • 3Access to space information
  • Concert and contents scheduling
  • Operation information
  • Information about operator
  • List of reservation holders by session
Mobile S/W for Administrator
  • Mobile app for administrator
  • Access control using RFID tag, barcode and QR code
  • Access to the list of reservation holders and participants and control entrance.
  • Access to membership information
  • Locate companions (mobile, beacon)